Michigan State University has been advancing the common good with uncommon will for more than 165 years. A top global university, MSU pushes the boundaries of discovery to make a better world while providing students with life-changing opportunities. In the year 2000, I graduated from this amazing school with a degree in Journalism and Spanish. I am a trained writer and reporter who can speak both English and Spanish! I'm a PROUD Spartan and worked full-time with the university for 14 months as a ghostwriter on MI CARES, a big grant for addiction medicine. Take a look at the variety of work I've done for my alma mater so far!

I Love You is an essay I ghost-wrote for the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"Two weeks later, twirling a cheap, gray BIC pen in my fingers, nausea wracking my body, a few of my colleagues said that I “wasn’t pulling my weight.” Too stunned to form a coherent response, I stayed quiet. Was the nausea my pregnancy or a silent seething at their behavior? My whole world had changed in a breath, and I wondered where their compassion was. To this day, I hate those pens, the gray ones..."

How Raising Her Hand Is Strengthening Our Country’s Addiction Medicine Workforce - I ghostwrote and edited this piece published by the American Medical Association.

"Board-certified Addiction Medicine Physician Cara Poland, MD, MEd, FACP, DFASAM wanted the State of Michigan to train a future generation of physicians to treat substance use disorders, but first, she realized that Michigan’s medical schools needed core faculty..."